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57 Title: The volcanic cone of Mweelrae Mountain, By the Killary. Description: The volcanic cone of Mweelrae Mountain, By the Killary. This place has all any painter could ever want and I paint it at least once a year often more. The old famine road down the side of the Killary is the best walk ever.
53 Title: The start of the long haul up to St Feitchin's well. Description: This is the nearest a car can approach St Feichin's well and if you climb you may miss it as it is often dry in summer. But the views from the top, alone with the ravens calls are so worth it. The dark stone looks significant and the way used to be marked by penetential cairns.
50 Title: Sheep, high above the Killary Fjord. Description: This is all remains of the origional carriage road going from Leenane south to the Galway road. It is now part of the western way.
54 Title: Sheep on a grassy knoll Description: These sheep have a view of most of the Inagh Valley as the western way passes below.
62 Title: View from the stone cashel, at Lettershanbally. Description: This view is high above the western way and looks out to sea along the Killary Fjord. Several courses of stone remain of this look out post come place of refuge, from early times.
72 Title: Morning mists at Balinahinch. Description: Gentle start to the day at Balinahinch. Ben Lettery behind. This is where the river leaves the Lough.
20 Title: Cottage in front of glacial island. Description: This cottage near the coral strand, is near a causeway that connects this island to the shore at low tide.
67 Title: The cove at Ervalagh. Description: This cove was used to take supplies to Inish lachan beyond. Far out on the right is Deer island. The boat is called Graine.
60 Title: Culfin river leaving Lough Muc. Description: This view can be reached by the road but is best seen at the end of the ancient track from behind the post office at Lettergesh.
58 Title: Freshettes after a storm. Description: These temporary gushes of storm water drain into Lough Inagh. This place is along the Byway to the Maumean pass.
56 Title: Sheep enjoy the view. Description: These lucky sheep are high above Killary harbour in Autumn. At the entrance is Inishberna and out to sea is Inish turk.
48 Title: View into secret heart of the bens. Description: This valley is gleninsky, deep in the center of the Twelve Bens and is seen from the top of Muckanaugh, the only ben with a green top, due to it being covered in schist. Not for the faint hearted.
44 Title: Pack horse crossing. Description: With my back to the bens I can see most of Lough Anna and enjoy the river passing the pack horse crossing point on the ancient trail.
39 Title: Ruin deep into the bog. Description: Once this must have been a busy place but now it is in ruins, far out in to the Roundstone bog. The mountain is Erris Beg.
24 Title: Shark toothed rocks on Cruagh. Description: This island's unique shape is visable from many places. This is from the road beyond Claddaghduff. It was thought to have always been uninhabited but recently some early possibly monastic remains have been found.
23 Title: Cove at Ervalagh, near Roundstone. Description: This cove, is rather beloved, for its tranquility, safe swimming and georgeous views.
71 Title: Cottages on Inishnee. Description: These cottages are near the end of the Inish nee Peninsular, reached by a bridge at Roundstone. Behind is Cashel and Carna.
12 Title: Near the Maam Cross horse fair. Description:This is the view I marvel at while trying to get passed Maam Cross on Horse Fair day in November. The wooded Island is a joy in such a treeless landscape.
13 Title: Wooded Island in Lough Derry Clare. Description: This is a well loved view at the foot of Ben lettery. The Mountains are the mam Turks and the gap to the Maumean Pass is visible.
14 Title: Creg Hill. Description: This masted hill is where all our entertainment beams in from but is also a very favoured place to paint. This viewing gap in to the bens is not well known but is found off the Clifden Letterfrack road, turning at the Shankeever camp site.
15 Title: When the fushias flower at Letter. Description: This view out to Inish Boffin is glorified by wayside fushias.The red roof, so beloved of painters is a bonus.
16 Title: Castle of Doon. Description: This is possibly the remains of a chimney at Doon Castle. The view in land is up in to Streams town Bay.
22 Title: Derryinver evening. Description: This view gets painted often as I am partial to being fed at Ocean's alive and this is the view you dine with. The valley beyond is the Kylemore gap.
26 Title: View from the Derryinver Bridge. Description: This is the view from the bridge where tragically, Kylemore's Mitchel Henry's daughter lost her life, falling from a dog cart. The mountain is Tully,(or Letter hill) and far beyond is Cleggan hill. This expanse of water is Balinakill harbour.
36 Title: The view from Doon castle at Claddaduff. Description: This view includes Omey island and Cruagh. Below this point, at low tide the remaind of a medievel harbour can be seen.
38 Title: Track into the Roundstone Bog. Description: From here you see Erris beg Mountain in the distance but also Cashel Hill. This is the last house before the Mountain.
42 Title: Aughrus beg Lough and the stony walls surrounding it. Description: Aughrus is the tip of the Cleggan peninsular, and has stunning views of the Islands. These are the eastern tip of Inish Boffin, Inish Lyon, Curragh the holy island, and part of Clare island.
51 Title: The Killary Fjord at Leenane. Description: This stretch of water is near where the boat cruise down the Killary leaves from. The far mountain Is the devils mother.
55 Title: Hidden house with carrot ridge behind it. Description: This is a sheltered house in the Inagh Valley, with the bens behind it. It is visible from the western way but not from any road.
64 Title: Derryinver Pier. Description: This view includes the rust bucket that still goes to sea with cargos for the islands. Inland are some of the twelve bens, with Diamond mountain nearest.
66 Title: Edge of the Roundstone bog. Description: This house is huddled along the edge of the bog near Kendal wood. Errisbeg Mountain Behind.
68 Title: About to be improved ruin, at Letter. Description: This patch is awash with the biggest fox gloves ever. Behind the ruin is Reddish island.
9 Title: Track round Lough Anna. Description: This is a very favourite walk leading in to the westerly Bens. It passes an abandoned village and several, Megalithic tombs.
1 Title: Newly cut turf by the Culfin River. Description: This is where the Culfin river leaves Lough Muc and heads for the sea. The far Mountain is Letterbreakaun, in the MamTurk range.
8 Title: Castle of Doon. Description: This castle is at Claddaghduff, on the Cleggan Peninsular. It is a stiff scramble to get uo on to it but worth it for the views. THis was another O'Mally castle. Out to sea is Omey, inland is all of Streamstown bay.
11 Title: Where the road ends. Description: This is where the lough Anna road becomes just a track, but leads on to wonderful walks.
21 Title:Ruined settlement. Description: This settlement and the more modern replacement, is on a track off the Clifden, Bally coneely road and is on the edge of the Roundstone bog. The distant mountain is Erris beg.
25 Title: Beyond Cladaduff. Description: This group of houses and ruins are down a small turning near Cladaduff pier. Most of the twelve Bens are beyond
27 Title: Ballanakill harbour view. Description:This view gives promoinance to Reddish Island. The Kylemore bogs are beyond. The fence is near a very good seam of muscles.
30 Title: Rusty Shed Roof at Letter. Description: This lane which meanders from the pier at Derryinver to the end of our peninsular, is specialy dear to me. The rusty rooves with the fuscias are lovely. This shed has recently been reroofed. Shame.
31 Title: Hamlet at the back of Tully Mountain. Description: From this hamlet, the view back in to the Bens is unsurpassable so I paint the views from here often.
33 Title: Stone walls at Letter, Renvyle. Description: This track leading to Letter, has old crumbling walls, that give confidence above the drops to the sea.Cottages, barns and fuschias contrast with places where the bones of the mountain show through the turf.
35 Title: The tide creeps across the sand causeway. Description: The island of Omey, fameous for its early church and monastic remains, is accessed by a beach which is accessible except at high tide.
40 Title: Tide far out at Omey, Description: This lane leads to the causeway to Omey Island. I took my first driving lesson there.
41 Title: Western end of Ervalagh, Roundstone. Description: This is the first Hamlet west of Roundstone, quiet and pretty. The Mountains are the three southerly Bens.
43 Title: Boat returning. Description: The Mountain is Erris beg at Roundstone. This sea inlet is near Cashel Hill.
45 Title: The ruined abbey of Tombeola. Description: This took some finding as the entrance is along the shore but the sense of place is worth it. Cashel hill behind it. This is on a sea inlet where the Owenmore river meets the sea.
47 Title: Water balif's hut. Description: This is shelter, one of many for the water balifs on the rivers. This one is just south of Balinahinch castle, on the Owenmore river.
49 Title: Winter view of Ben Lettery. Description: This view is late autumn, at Balinahinch. Still some colour, and tranquil reflections but out of season hues. The Mamturks are beyond.
52 Title: Lonely house, in the Inagh Valley. Description: This house is just off the western way far from anything else in the inagh Valley.
59 Title: Turf cutting in the Inagh Valley. Description: This view of newly cut turf, for fires, is along a side road in the Inagh Valley, on a slope below Letterbreckaun Mountain.
61 Title: Sorting nets at Cladaduff pier. Description: Behind the newly restored pier is Omey island and Cladaduff.
63 Title: Storm over the Bens, sun on the coast. Description: This cove just south of Roundstone is sheltered and often in sun when much else is in trouble. Some of the bens in the distance, Erris beg nearest.
65 Title: View from old railway line, in the rain. Description: This softer view is just after a hail storm, along the old Clifden Galway railway line. but near to Ballinahinch.
69 Title: Men fishing at the pier at Claddaduff. Description: This quiet pier must have deep water behind it as fairly large boats come in near. Omey Island beyond.
70 Title: Kylemore view with flowers. Description: This view across Kylemore lough has the Mamturks in the distance. Both fushias and rhodedendrums are out which is unusual.
2 Title: The Disused Railway bridge at Ballinahinch. Description: This where the Owenmore river leaves Ballinahinch, under the old bridge. Ben Lettery and a glimpse of the Mam Turks as well. Autumn colours and a full river. The road is the lane from Roundstone.
3 Title: The ancient pack horse crossing point. Description: This is where a small river enters Lough Anna, with the Bens behind . The giant stones are where an ancient track crossed the river and can still be crossed with care. The lake has whipped up a storm beach on the right and the area is full of disused houses and tombs.
4 Title: The ruined hamlet at Alicanally. Description:This ancient village is said to be the oldest in Ireland . True or not it has the remains of a harbour plus some part of a very ancient harbour, best seen at low tide. There are some of the twelve bens in the distance.
5 Title: Stones on the Tulloch, Renvyle. Description: This is the hill that gives its name to Tully village on the Renvyle Peninsular.The main stones are the five fingers of Fin Macool. One has some traces of Ogahm writing on it. There are also traces of encosures and walls galore, nearly smothered by the peat.It is dawn light, with the Bens beyond.
6 Title: Connemara cottage, Derryinver. Description: This cottage is on a small road near Derryinver Pier. It huddles on a shoulder of Tully Mountain and was lived in until very recently.
7 Title: The most recent castle, Bunowen. Description: This castle can be viewed from the road only. It is fairly modern but is very close to the site of the original one which Grace O'Mally lived in when she was first married.
10 Title: Grass topped eratic boulder at Lough Anna Description: This is on the ancient east west track across the Bens, near Lough Anna. A tomb lies beyond.
17 Title: Crump island. Description: This is how Crump island can look from the strand at Renvlle on blustery day.THe tiny islet between the two parts is deer island.The part to the right is Shanvally beg.
18 Title: Rhodedendrums at Kylemore. Description: Views of the Kylemoer lough are even better when the wild rhodedendrums are in flower.
19 Title: Cottage and ruin near the Coral strand. Description: This house and ruin are now partly hidden by something newer but the view towards Erris lannen is as lovely as ever.
28 Title: Mist over the tullach stone alignment. Description:This alignment is unique for these parts,in that it measures two different dates. It is part of a ritual landscape which includes a recently found stone Kist.
29 Title: On the Coral strand. Description:The view includes the Errislannan peninsular and the Clifden one behind. The coral is false coral, which grows on the base of seaweed at the mouth of a few bays arround here.
32 Title: Montbresia in the rain. Description: The vibrant clumps of montbresia light up even the greyest days in Connemara from mid summer till first frosts.This is a corner near the pier at Derryinver, looking inland to the Bens.
34 Title: Winter spindrift. Description: On the white strand, spindrift is sucked from the waves in to the air mostly obscuring the view of Crump Island. THis island is where St Roc and his 40 saints are burried.The remains of his very early church still are visible there.
37 Title: The hamlet of Derryinver. Description: This Derryinver hamlet is a mass of contRasting roofs which can enthrall artists. The view inland is of the Diamond mountain and its neighbours.
46 Title: Near the Holy well. Description: This view is at the top of the Killary fjord, Near the Aashleigh falls. Sheltered and safe but a magnet for the rolling mist on the hills.
73 Title: Crossing point where the river empties into lough Anna. Description: After rain this river swells and is dangerous to cross. This point on the old trail is usually passable.
74 Title: Roundstone from the south. Description: This view is on the track to Ervalagh, looking back to the village. Errisbeg Mountain is near, the southerly bens behind.
75 Title: The restored pier at Cladaduff. Description: This is from along the track that passes the pier, looking back to Cladaduff and Omey island.