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1 Title: The causeway to Omey island. Description: This is where tha causeway from Omey crosses the sand and arrives at the lane to Claddaduff.
4 Title: Track to cottage near coral strand. Description: Old lane leading to traditional house sadly now in ruins.
3 Title: River from the bog heading out to sea. Description: This is a small river comeing from Toombeola , running out to sea near Roundstone
5 Title: Evening light at Derryinver. Description: The mountains can look like this near 'Ocean's Alive' resturant, when the light is right.
6 Title: Barn at Ervalagh Description: This track way is so near the sea that it is often covered by sand. Inish lackan is the island in the distance.
7 Title: Ruins on the edge of the Roundstone bog. Description: These haunting reminders of bad times are still standing all over Connemara . Erris beg Mountain is behind the bog.
9 Title: Castle of Doon ruins. Description: This chimney brest is all that remains and is hard to climb up to. It was one of a chain of fortified places occupied by Grace O'Malley and her husband.
10 Title: Last house on Inishnee. Description: This is a favourite picnic spot of my families . It is at the end of a chain of three almost islands that make up the peninsular of Inishnee.
8 Title: Curragh at Derryinver. Description: This is the view from the Pier at Derryinver, on the Renvyle peninsula.
2 Title: The crossing point at Lough Anna. Description: This is an ancient route with a crossing place at the western, seaward end of the 12 Bens.