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1 Title: Inishnee cut off point. Description: This is where the Inishnee peninsular can be cut off when the tide is high and the weather is bad. The Bens are beyond.
2 Title: Snow on the Mweelrae range. Description: This view is across the Killary Fjord, looking north to Delphi. Ben gorm is on the right but the mass on the left is the begining of the mass of Mweelrae.
3 Title: Modernised traditional cottage, Ballyconeely. Description: This cottage has the origional as a shed. It is down a byway not far from the Ballyconeely golf course.
4 Title: Currachs at Bunowen. Description: This is at the foot of Bunowen Hill. This dead volcano dominates the area but at its foot is a small river rushing out to sea. In summer, several currachs can be watched bobbing in the shelter of this inlet.
5 Title: Sheep enjoy the view. Description: This is the view enjoyed by the over colourful sheep who range over this shoulder of the most northerly Maam turk. Out to sea is Inisn Berna and far out is Inish Turk.
6 Title: Track towards the Maamturks. Description: This is the track which leads finally up to St. Feichin's Holy well. It was an important east west route before roads came, and was lined with Penetential cairns.
7 Title: Most southerly cottage on Inishnee. Description: This is the place where the track ends on Inishnee. This peninsular is reached by a new bridge just North of Roundstone.
8 Title: Ballyconeely cottage. Description: I found this cottage while wandering near the Ballyconeely golf course but have not managed to find it since. You could hunt for me.
9 Title: Friends, by Kylemore river. Description: These friendly and curious sheep, are along a tributary of the Kylemore river nesr the site of the origional Kylemore church.( no longer visible.)
10 Title: The weatern way meets the road in the Inagh valley. Description: This is on the edge of the coilte, where the western way follows the old carriage track.Ben Baun in the distance.
11 Title: Cottage on Inishnee. Description: This cottage, now a barn, is on the middle quarter of Inishnee. BEhind is Errisbeg.
12 Title: Inagh Valley cottage. Description: This is the most lonely cottage that I can imagine. THe big mountain on the left is Letterbreckaun.
13 Title: This is St Callin's holy well. Description: This holy well, beautifully placed near Slyne head, is dedicated to St callin. Just take the track south from the camp site. It has a pattern there, late in the year. It includes a separate place for foot washing and cairns to pray at.
14 Title: Coilte track in the Kylemore valley. Description: This coilte ( forestry area,) has wonderful views back towards Kylemore, and the Bens.
15 Title: Top of the Killary fjord. Description: This is where the grandour of the fjord ends with the AAsleagh falls. The massive range on the right is the Partrys.
16 Title: The Kylemore valley. Description: Seen from the coilte, there was a beautiful brief moment of good light on the lake and valley sides. All this in a wild november storm.
17 Title: Western way crossing a river. Description: This is a new bridge over a small river, along the western way. The valley beyond is the source of the Kylemore river.
18 Title: Inishnee cottages. Description: This charming group of cottages are on Inishnee. The range behind is Erris beg, the mountain where compasses do not work due to the mountain havindg so much iron in its make up.
19 Title: Cottage and barn on the track to Slackport. Description: This Track to Slackport is full of beautiful views and plenty of sheep. The cottage is still used.
20 Title: Peat stacked by cottage. Description: This stack is by an Inish nee cottage, on the road going south. Behind the mountain is the vast expanse of the Roundstone bog.
21 Title: Dozy sheep. Description: These sheep had found a warm patch on the western way. I was reluctant to spoil their doze so I went another way.
22 Title: Swollen stream with sheep. Description: This stream was very swolen by a flash flood, but the sheep were sheltered and eating. It is in a quiet corner of the Inagh Valley.
23 Title: Gate to St Callin's well. Description: This gate leads in to the place where St. Callin is venerated. The Bunowen Volcano is in the distance.
24 Title: All of south Connemara seems visible. Description: This corner on Inishnee seems to me to be the best view of southern Connemara. The quiet cottage would suit a recluse.
25 Title: Impressive stone. Description: This stone may be natural but it looms over the start of the track to st feichin's well and dominates the area, so it may be placed, rather than natural. It feels significant and is on an important path.
26 Title: Kylemore lough, winter. Description: This is the christmas when the road was blocked by the snow. Not so usual here. Letterbreckaun is the biggest maamturk.
27 Title: Peat cutting and drying. Description: This peat cutting and drying is everywhere. It is for fuel. This particular stack is at Kylemore.The bens are behind.
28 Title: Old and new boats. Description: These boats are on Inishnee with Roundstone behind. Supported on stones, they winter in the heather.
29 Title: Traditional cottage near Slyne head. Description: This cottage borders on the the campsite at Ballyconeely. In front are sand dunes, behind the Bens tower over everything.
30 Title: Sheep on the dunes. Description: These sheep eat the meger grasses on the dunes at Ballyconeely. Behind is the golf course.