In my days of getting established I would paint anything, people’s dogs, cars, houses or favourite scenes.
I am slightly more selective now. I paint as a response to my obsessive love of the landscape that I live in during the summer and if someone shares this love and wants a painting of somewhere I know and love, then I will give it my best.
Should anyone be considering this, I have terms.

Firstly, I must want to paint the view.
Secondly, no one has to accept the end result unless they like it; I can always sell it in the usual way. Thirdly, my prices are the same for commissions as for the work I have chosen myself.
Lastly, just as a warning, all my work, like all watercolours, looks disappointing when it is naked.

Each piece feels amateur and unfinished until it has a mount and is under glass. Then some magic happens and it comes alive. I only know it is finished if I give it this check. So if you want to buy, please see the painting fully mounted and framed, before deciding if you like it.

Generally I work to four favourite sizes. I complete a few full imperial sized [34” x 26” mounted] watercolours each year. Their prices are very variable, sometimes depending just how laborious they were, but also depending on how bonded I am on them. The next size is my idea of a full-size watercolour: 20” x 16” to the edge of the mount. I paint a few, possibly as many as a dozen that are middle sized [14” x 11”] and many smaller ones which are 10” x 8”. I am happy to sell them unmounted or unframed but this does not make a vast difference to the price, as I use only simple pine frames made locally.


As a very rough guide the prices for finished work are:

Small from €85
Medium from €145
Large from €250
Full imperial from €800


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